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The Walking Dead

7 November, 2010 1 comment
The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

No. I’m not here to talk about the new American television series. It’s quite the opposite actually, I’m here to explain why this television series is being filmed.

Robert Kirkman created this great work and Image Comics has been publishing  since 2003. Two weeks ago I discovered it and read 78 comics in almost one week(by The Pirate Bay). What is so great about it? This zombie apocalypse plot is just background of a great storyline. Rick, a police officer who needs to find ways to survive through this destroyed and crazy new world. The reality is: everything is messed up and everyone too. If I write more I will turn it on spoiler.

Wanna take a look? Watch part of episode 1 animated:

P.S.: I already bought two volumes at .

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