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(Modified) Maximumize and Minimumize

29 October, 2008 4 comments

Marco Diego(Marcola) and Eduardo Gurgel(me) were thinking about how improve window management on Compiz-Fusion. We decided to work on it modifying Maximumize and creating Minimumize.

First we modified Maximumize plugin to maximumize on any direction. Later, we created Minimumize plugin that allows the user to set the window to half the size in a specified direction. Hard to imagine? Watch the videos:

Later I will talk about our (Modified) Put plugin and new ideas to Compiz.

Maximumize Plus code

Minimumize code


28 October, 2008 1 comment

Olá Mundo!

Bateu a vontade de ter um blog e escrever sobre o que estou fazendo ou o que pretendo fazer.
Espero que isso me ajude a documentar minhas atividades.

É isso.

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